Heavy Equipment

1.) Backhoe (Deere 310K-4 Wheel Drive)- Known for maneuverability and versatility, easy to operate in challenging and confined spaces, efficient diggers and material handlers

Uses- dig trenches, transplant trees, excavate tree stumps, transport materials, move large rocks, break up asphalt, pave roads, perform light construction duties.


2.) Skid Steer (Deere 323E)- A skid steer is a light piece of equipment good for use in all types of terrains and primarily used for moving loads

Uses- demolition, roadwork, debris removal, excavating, grading driveways, backfilling, and material handling.


3.) Track hoe (Deere 75G)- similar to backhoes in terms of purpose, however they are better for heavy digging and earthmoving, pose riskier operating experience because they are used mainly in soft and unstable grounds (generally require experience in operating large machinery)

Uses- dig foundations, break stones, forestry work, brush clearing, landscaping


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